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“What an profound experience! Awakening, enlightening, colourful, and peaceful. A safe, loving atmosphere to enjoy the rhythm of sound, and, without saying a word, it allowed me to tap into my own unique energy. I had no idea what to expect, but by the end of my first workshop, I knew this was something I would enjoy even more the second time around! Thank you Claudia for opening up my mind, body, and soul to Chakradance!"

Liz / Selkirk, Ontario

“Chakradance with Claudia will be very difficult to explain... I feel like I've traveled a thousand miles without leaving my own little personal space on the floor. 😊 Claudia guided us beautifully through one of the most unique mind-body-spirit movement modalities I have ever experienced... highly individualistic, colourful and personally insightful with a cool splash of ritual."

Dawn / Hagersville, Ontario

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