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Reiki Level One (First Degree) ; Reiki Level Two (Second Degree); Reiki Master/Teacher

Usui Reiki Practitioner Classes

Usui Reiki - First Degree (Level 1)
This degree is a permanent attunement to the Reiki Energy.
Once initiated, it allows a person to channel healing for oneself
and others. It requires no special invocation to "turn on" the flow
of Reiki. By simply placing the hands together, or on the heart
with the intent to give Reiki, it automatically begins to flow. The focus on Level 1 is on self-healing and helping others. After the student completes the required training, they are able to practice
Reiki and do self-healings. At this level, the student learns the history of Reiki, the energy system, the nature of the Reiki energy, the Reiki Ethics, the five principles or precepts, the hand positions, how to do a self-healing and how to provide a session for others.

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