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About Your Inner Child

Whatever you are today is the outcome of your problems, strengths, habits and level of self-esteem. In every age, from birth to infant and child to adolescent, you have met distinct challenges. If the people around you raised you in a natural and healthy way, you will turn out into a well-balanced and strong individual.

However, if your youthful experiences are filled with traumas and problems, these past incidents will extremely affect the way you are today. To understand this topic, you have to understand the concept of inner child.

Do you know what inner child is? If not, then, you are on a right path. Understanding what inner child is not a complicated task. With this guide, you will know everything about this topic. So, start exploring your ideas through understanding the following guide.

Inner child is your friendly, joyful, emotional, feeling, playful, excitable, and feeling side. This condition varies depending on your mood and energy level. Sometimes, you will feel indifferent depending on the current situations of your outer life. Similar with outer child, your inner child is normally happy, blissful and adventurous. Inner child is also known as the lower third of an extensive model of the human psyche called “Three Selves”.

Psychology experts claimed that inner child is the human’s childlike aspect. It includes everything what you have learned and experienced as a kid before puberty. This inner child signifies a semi-independent unit that subordinates to your conscious mind.

Learning on how to discover your inner child allows you to experience a happy and balance life. For your guide on how to find out your inner child, simply take the following as your guide:

  • Stop Restricting Your Actions – Always consider how impulsive you are now compared to your childhood. Instead of ignoring, try to listen to the voice that tells you to try something new. It is also best to change your current schedule for one week.

  • Use Your Imagination – Always allow yourself to be imaginative, both in your actions and thinking. You also need to find creative activities that can kindle your imaginations.

  • Take Time to Laugh and Smile – Everyone has a problem in life. But, it doesn’t mean that you have a reason to smile. Find some activities to make your life more interesting and exciting. Depending on your choice, you can play with children, listen to your favorite music or watch hilarious movies.

  • Engage your World Using Your Senses – Simply recall how the world seemed brighter. It means that you should take time to appreciate the smell and colors of the things around you. You also need to enjoy the foods, fabrics and a lot more.

With these simple steps, you can start discovering your inner child. If you have noticed that your inner child is damaged because of your past experiences, take time to heal it.



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